Odyssey Chain Testnet

This page serves as a guide for adding the Odyssey Chain Testnet network to your wallet. For simplicity, we are taking Metamask's browser extension as an example.

Odyssey Testnet Details

Odyssey Chain Testnet will be reachable through the following information:

You must first download and install the Metamask extension for your browser to carry out the following instructions properly. ​

Step 1 - Login to Metamask Wallet

First, you need to log in to Metamask using the credentials that you have already set.

Step 2 - Add Network (via browser extension)

a. Click the dropdown at the top left of your Metamask window

b. Click the "Add Network" button

c. Click "Add a network manually"

d. Add the Odyssey Chain Testnet network

Enter the following data into the form that appears:

e. Click "Save"

To be noted:

  1. Metamask might show the HEX value (i.e. "0x200F1") of the chain ID in some cases

  2. Metamask might show a warning regarding the unavailability of data for verification. Our developers have pushed the solution for that, but since multiple 3rd parties are involved in this verification, it might take a while.

​You’re now ready to use Odyssey Chain Testnet on Metamask and you should be able to see the network in the dropdown shown in "Step 2". If you are still not connected to the Odyssey Chain Testnet, you can click this dropdown and select the Odyssey Chain Testnet.

To interact with the dApps on testnet, you must have Test Dione coins in your wallet. You can get testing funds from the faucet.

Note: Please note that the funds you receive from the faucet are for testing purposes on the testnet. They carry NO value and are worthless.

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