Note: Dione Protocol does not guarantee any return on value. The Dione Staking Program is a decentralized, community-driven smart contract that allows community members to interact with the contract in order to gain additional "rewards" for their staked Dione tokens. The rewards and terms of the program are provided below.

The anticipated end date for this staking program will be aligned with the deployment of the mainnet and will be announced in the coming months.

Staking Details


The return will be 1% per 30 days of staking, going up to a maximum of 8% for the complete term (i.e. if the mainnet is launched after 8 months, users who staked on the first day will receive 8% in total, in addition to the perks mentioned below).

Extra Perks for Stakers Who Do NOT Withdraw Before the Consolidation on Our Mainnet

The following perks are in addition to 1% per 30 days reward.

  • Full tax reimbursement (i.e. 2%)

  • Share of the penalty pool (distributed among all current stakers based on their staked amount)

Quick Calculation (an example)

Assuming that a user stakes on the 1st day and does not unstake before being migrated to our mainnet and the mainnet is launched after 8 months:

  1. Rewards received: up to 8%

  2. Tax reimbursement: 2%

  3. Share of the penalty pool: Depends on the amount staked

Result: The user will get a total return in the range of 10%-12% within 8 months in addition to the principal amount.

Important: All holders that do not unstake will get their principal investment, APY reward, tax reimbursement, and the share of the penalty pool in Dione Native Coins after migration and consolidation.

It should be noted that:

  1. There is no minimum staking amount required

  2. The maximum staking amount allowed per wallet is 2% of the supply

  3. 30 days before we end this staking program, the new stakers will ONLY receive 1% per 30-day return (or prorated, whichever is applicable)

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